From the very beginning, Marineland sought to provide a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life. Founded as Marine Studios in 1938, it was not only the largest and most innovative aquarium of its time, but the only fully operational underwater movie studio. Today, Marineland continues its tradition of sharing marine life with the public. This project explores aspects of Marineland's groundbreaking developments in science, entertainment, and tourism.

Many of the images you see on this site are from the archives of Marineland, Florida, and have never before been digitized. 


Recently Added Items

Ilya Tolstoy and Loggerhead Turtle


Ilya Tolstoy, in striped t-shirt, on beach with a Loggerhead Turtle. Something props up the turtle's head just slightly. Written on back: "Ilya…

Ilya Tolstoy at Silver Springs


Ilya Tolstoy underwater at Silver Springs. There are fish swimming around him and sea grass at the bottom of the picture. Written on back: "Ilia…

Ilya Tolstoy on Porch with Heron


Ilya Tolstoy sitting on the porch of a house, holding a heron. Behind him is an open window and a rocking chair. Written on back: "Ilya Tolstoy" in…

Ilya Tolstoy and Captain


Ilya Tolstoy (right), dressed in sweater and slacks, stands on a sailboat smoking a cigarette next to a man who is smoking a pipe and wearing a…

Ilya Tolstoy and Companion with Tent


Ilya Tolstoy in a white t-shirt and white shoes sitting with a shirtless man outside a tent. Written on back: "Ilya Tolstoy" in cursive, "M.S" and the…

Ilya Tolstoy and Two Women


small black and white photograph of Tolstoy and two women in blazers, their arms linked. Tolstoy is smiling at the woman at left.

"Ilia Tolstoy Explored the World: Marineland's First Manager an Adventurer"


Newspaper article detailing the adventures Ilia Tolstoy undertook before helping to open Marine Studio. It goes into detail of his Tibetan expedition,…

Ilya Tolstoy and Companion Standing on Boat


Ilya Tolstoy standing, looking at camera. Another man at right wears a tweed jacket and has a camera slung across his chest. Another is in background…