From the very beginning, Marineland sought to provide a greater understanding and appreciation for marine life. Founded as Marine Studios in 1938, it was not only the largest and most innovative aquarium of its time, but the only fully operational underwater movie studio. Today, Marineland continues its tradition of sharing marine life with the public. This project explores aspects of Marineland's groundbreaking developments in science, entertainment, and tourism.

Many of the images you see on this site are from the archives of Marineland, Florida, and have never before been digitized. 


Recently Added Items

Pink Coral and Green Grass


A drawing depicting a pink coral alongside a cluster of seagrass. The coral juts out of a small cluster of rocks along the sea floor. The drawing is…

Greetings from St. Augustine


In the font of the word Augustine is images of Flagler College, horse carriages, old school house, the Castillo de San Marcos, and Bridge of…

Map of Florida


This postcard showcases all the Florida cities and what Florida offers, beaches, dolphins, restaurants and sunshine!

Orange filefish, Cubbyu, and Sheepshead all swimming together at Marine Studios


Back text of postcard reads: Orange filefish (above), cubbyu (below, left), one sheepshead (lower right). This interesting picture of deep sea life…

Side view of Marine Village Court


Marine Village Court- On Marineland Ocean Beach
On Florida Highway #140 - 35 Miles North of Daytona Beach and 16 Miles South of St. Augustine,…

Maneuvering a captured shark to Marine Studios


Maneuvering a captured shark into a boat for transfer to Marine Studios. Black and white postcard showing three men maneuvering a shark into their…

Aerial View of Marineland Florida


The performing porpoises, dolphins, and whales of Marineland of Florida have been delighting visitors since 1938. Marineland has been a center for the…

Top Deck at Marine Studios' Feeding Time


Text on the back of postcard reads: Marineland, Florida. Feeding time in the world’s only oceanarium! Some of the hundreds of visitors are shown…