From the very beginning, Marineland sought to provide a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, marine life. Marine Studios was not only the largest and most innovative aquarium of its time, but also the only fully operational underwater movie studio and later a renowned tourist attraction. Today, Marineland continues not only its tradition of tourism, but makes advances in the field of marine biology. Marineland is a multi-faceted attraction and continues to hold significance in different ways to different people; this project explores aspects of Marineland's groundbreaking development in science, entertainment, and tourism.  

There are four exhibits to view. Click on the "Browse Exhibits" tab on the top bar. Each will walk you through the history of Marineland using our visual collection of art and artifacts from each era.


Recently Added Items

Marine Studios Booklet: Science Page

1940 Marine Studios guest booklet (2).jpg

Page from a book, features black and white photographs and a description of work done in Marineland labs.

Shark at Key West Aquarium


Black and white image of sharks swimming together at the Key West Aquarium

Aerial View of Marine Studios, color postcard


Overhead view of the Marineland property

"Creature from the Black Lagoon," movie poster


Color movie poster advertising Creature from the Black Lagoon